At Carl's Ski Shop, we have experience in importing and exporting a wide range of clothing products. We also provide a wholesale service to accommodate our customers' requirements. We invite customers to contact us regarding any wholesale questions. We have a broad range of products that will suit each customer's needs.

Besides wholesaling, Carl's Ski Shop also provides custom made products. We can manufacture to suit your needs. With more than 30 year's experience behind us, we can produce items from initial designs to the finished product, or provide professional advice for your orders. We have produced a wide range of custom-made products in recent years, e.g. school uniforms; sporting jackets; work outfits and all kinds of garments for different companies. (For our full client list, please refer to our “About Us” section.) We welcome all kinds of orders and will do our very best to produce your product. We have very competitive prices in all areas and we guarantee the quality of the product will be at the top of the range.

If you have any questions relating to any of our wholesale and custom-made products, please do not hesitate to contact our sales office for either a quote or assistance, or for an appointment to discuss your order. Let our expert assistants help you meet your client's requirements from start to finish. At Carl's Ski Shop, we treat every single job seriously because, for us, no job is too big to handle or too small to consider.