At Carl's Ski Shop, we will do whatever we can to assist our customers to choose the product that is right for their ski trip. If you have any questions or queries regarding your ski trip or our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as we can and try to assist you in any way.

We will update all our latest products and latest knowledge in this section to assist and share our experience with all customers. If you have any comments or suggestions in this area, please contact us so we can keep ourselves and other customers updated. Thank you in advance.

Ski Clothes
• Customers often have the dilemma of whether to choose a ski jacket or a one- piece ski suit. To be honest, this is pretty much a personal choice, but we always recommend one-piece ski suit which are ideal for toddlers or children. As the one piece suit provides no gaps in between the top and bottom half of the body, it will ensure children won't get cold too easily when they have fun in the snow.

Ski Pants
• We recommend our customers to choose longer rather than shorter ski pants, as they will provide extra cover for your legs when you get up and down on the snow.
• A little bit more room will come in handy! If your pants are too tight, it will limit your movement whilst sliding and turning on the snow. So make sure to allow for extra space when trying on our ski pants

• When choosing gloves, waterproofing is crucial! When skiing or snowboarding, your hands will come into contact with the snow regularly, so a pair of good water-resistant gloves is essential for your ski trip.
• A pair of gloves should not be too tight or too loose as it will directly affect your finger movement, so trying them before you buy is a smart move.

• Our latest beanie product range is a unique and practical one. We have introduced a new 3 in 1 beanie this year. Its elastic material allows the beanie to become a balaclava when you pull it down, or a scarf when you pull it down to cover your neck. This innovative product will be available this winter.

Casual Jackets
• An all weather jacket is essential for everyone. It comes in handy for all sorts of conditions. Our 3 in 1 wind jacket has been improved over the years, and will be your first choice from spring throughout winter.

• Packing your luggage before a big trip is always a difficult task. At Carl's Ski Shop, most of our products come with a handy ski bag. Combined with our lightweight easy- to-fold products, packing your ski equipment into your bag will be a much easier task.