Carl's Ski Shop was established fifteen years ago on Fa Yuen Street in Kowloon, Hong Kong. The original shop was called Wing Kee, which was founded by Carl's father and his business partner, based on their exceptional efforts over the years and more than 30 years of retail experience in clothing. Their shop has become well known for its quality products and has built up a good reputation in a city known as the "Shopper's Paradise".

Carl inherited his father's business a few years ago. The company name was changed to Carl's Ski Shop soon after, but nothing has changed apart from the company name. The high quality products; the strong relationship with customers and the always surprising new product lines have remained the same.

Since taking over from his father, Carl is determined to take the company forward in an always competitive market in Hong Kong. His devotion has brought the company to a whole new level, making the company one of the best ski equipment stores in the local market due to a firm customer base and word of mouth. Increasingly, more and more people come to pay Carl's Ski Shop a visit before they go on their holidays.

Good preparation is crucial for a ski trip. It can avoid any hassles later on during your stay. Carl's Ski Shop specializes in all sorts of ski products such as waterproof; windproof; breathable; all weather material, etc. So you can enjoy every minute of your precious time away without worrying about other things. Carl's Ski Shop can certainly deliver that solution to suit every customer's holiday adventure. Its expert advice will guide you to choose the most appropriate product for your trip. And equally important, our wide range of products means you will always find something that fits into your travel budget, whether its for a big ski trip ahead or just a relaxing winter getaway.

Besides Ski Wear, Carl's Ski Shop has also produced casual wear over the years. A touch of youth style and modern design will ensure you find the trendiest products in our store. Our casual product range is for all ages and occasions. If you are not going on a ski trip, you can always come to choose our funky casual wear for your weekend hang out or a corporate style occasion to best suit your daily working lifestyle.

Through an excellent reputation spreading around the industry, Carl's Ski Shop has attracted a lot of different groups; organizations and companies to require custom made products, from private orders to mass productions, by using versatile material and modern design, those excellent custom made products have expanded Carl's Ski Shop from simple retailing to be more involved in product manufacturing and quality control. Over the years, the company has developed a strong relationship with clients including: K-2; Chapter 7; Beacon College; Creative; Nelson's Group; St Paul's Kindergarten; Watson's, etc. This is only a fraction of its clients and the list is growing by the day. The production side of the business has made the company gain more knowledge in product design and enabled it to develop it's own brands through the process. The company has established several of its own successful brands such as Zeropoint; Kiko and Santa Cruz which prove its popularity among the local and overseas customers for a number of years.

With more than 30 year's experience in the clothing industry, Carl's Ski Shop focuses on its product quality and customer service more than anything else. And we will make sure our product quality is second to none before passing it on to the customer. Our company's motto is to serve every customer to their satisfaction, and to make sure they will leave with the product that they are looking for with a smile on their face. So, come in and check out our products. Let us make your next ski trip a unique and a most enjoyable one.